A number of companies today realise they need to update and introduce new security and network practices but don't have the in-house skills or time to deploy them.

E-Solutions' consultants specialise in creating, integrating and reviewing bespoke network and security installations. They understand the relationship between business drivers, policy limitations and risk, and therefore are able to consult across the entire enterprise.

E-Solutions works on an independent, non-biased basis. They are not being influenced by internal politics, schedules or resource constraints when delivering their consultancy services. Consulting services can be obtained for project work, or to supplement in-house staff in emergency situations. Consider using E-Solutions consultants for fixed-length or project-based work. The consulting services can be obtained on a time and materials or fixed fee basis.

At E-Solutions our focus is on Operational Efficiency, helping clients to do more with less. Whether clients use E-Solutions consulting services, or our managed service offerings, clients can expect to attain the best solution for the lowest possible cost.