Security Services

Today security involves more than just preventing or dealing with virus and worm attacks. Rogue applications such as pier to pier, gaming, spambots or zombies can soak up bandwidth needed by business critical applications forcing unnecessary purchases or additional bandwidth.

Not knowing who is attached to the network or who has accessed a particular service can leave the organisation open to various forms of liability or even represent a security hole for the theft of corporate intellectual rights.

E-Solutions can consult in many areas of the security arena:

E-Solutions architects have been designing security solutions for over 10 years, installing simple firewalls through to complete complex security systems. As the market constantly evolves E-Solutions evaluate new products and procedures so they can offer the best fit solutions to the customers.

E-Solutions not only install and configure the hardware of a security solution, we also assist you in defining the policy and procedures for the ongoing support and maintenance of the solution.